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What's the big deal with having a yarn stash?!

Only a knitter/crocheter would understand another knitter/crocheter. I’ve had many conversations with non-knitters about why I need more yarn, a different colour yarn, a different weight yarn, a different size needles, a different pattern, etc. I have had to explain the basics of knitting so many times that I feel like a broken record - no, super bulky yarn isn’t ideal for knitting a newborn baby hat; lace looks beautiful but it isn’t ideal for knitting slippers; just because I have size 3 needles doesn’t mean I can use them to knit all weights of yarn… and it goes on and on.

Same goes for how much yarn knitters have. What is wrong with having yarn? I mean people collect all kinds of things and usually are proud of their collections. So why the guilt every knitter feels when someone mentions their yarn “stash”?! (I don’t even like this word to describe my yarn collection). You don’t walk into a computer programmer’s house and ask: “Why on earth do you need that many computers?”. They will be equally annoyed by the question as you would be when someone asks you why you couldn’t use the yarn you already have before purchasing more.

When it comes to my yarn collection, I divide it into two sections - specialty yarns and every-day yarns. The specialty yarns are the ones I collect and keep for a long time before I decide what to make with them. The every-day yarns are the ones I know I can find in pretty much every big craft store and are always available at a lower price. These are my yarns for quick projects such as a coffee-mug cozies, dishcloths, quick wrist warmers, headbands, craft projects, etc. These are the yarns that I finish quickly and replenish often.

My specialty yarns have a different story. I have had yarns that sat in my boxes for years before I found the perfect pattern for them. They were expensive high-quality yarns that you don’t just waste on fixing a hole in a sock. These are yarns that make a statement and as such they deserve the proper treatment. The amount of work that goes into a beautiful knitted piece is enormous. So when you make it, you want to have it for a long time. That is why the yarn you work with matters so much.

Bottom line… never feel guilty about your yarn collection and never apologize about expanding it. You are a yarn lover and you know what you want and need. After all, have you every heard another yarn lover ask you why on earth you have so much yarn? Neither have I. ;)

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