About us

We are yarn lovers.

This is our description in one sentence. Having said that, we obviously also love knitting, crocheting, and anything yarn craft related. We are also sort of collectors of yarn too - you should see our yarn stash. It's huge!

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we are just regular people with a big passion for yarn. Our name comes from the Funky Air Bear (FAB) shop on Etsy, which our founder Teddy started a while ago. In the search for the perfect yarn and the perfect project, she found that yarn has a story, which translates into her knitting projects. So make sure you read our "News" section where the stories are written. You never know what will inspire you for your next yarn quest.

We are always open to suggestions and chatting with all of you. So please do contact us even if it's just to chat about yarn... I mean who doesn't want to talk about that?!
Here's how to reach us: info@buyFAByarns.com

What does “in stock” and “pre-order” mean?
You may have noticed that some of our yarns are “in stock” and others are available for “pre-order”.
In stock yarns are the ones we have and ready to ship almost immediately. Shipping usually takes 2 business days.
Pre-order yarns are the ones we need to request from our supplier in order to ship to you. Usually it takes about 5-7 business days for us to receive the yarn, and then, depending your location, it takes another few days for the yarn to reach you. So it takes a bit longer for the yarn to reach you.
Every time you order yarn and it is in the mail en route to your address, you will receive an email notification letting you know that the yarn is travelling to your destination. We use Canada Post regular mail, unless you have specified a different method of shipping. Additional shipping charges may apply if not using Canada Post regular mail.

We offer FREE local pick up.
Are you located in the Greater Vancouver District of British Columbia, Canada? You can pick up your yarn for free. At checkout, select “Free Local Pick up” as shipping and you will not be charged for shipping and handling. If you would like a free local pick up, you have to get in touch with us to arrange a place and time to pick up your yarn.

Are you a small business knitter? Do you sell your knitted creations?
Join our Small Biz Knitters Program for special discounts in our shop. Contact us for more details.